AAU organizes a workshop about Writing Effective Emails


In the context of the university's keenness to raise the level of professionalism of the staff, the Continuing Education Center of Al Ain University organized –Abu Dhabi Campus- a workshop entitled “Writing Effective Emails” in collaboration with the Human Resources Unit at –Al Ain University- presented by trainer Hazem Hussein over two days for the administrative staff at Al Ain Campus.

Trainer Hazem clear up the importance of the training course by displaying a study by “SendMail” company on 2013 which revealed that the use of e-mail in the workplace has caused increase of nervous tension problems, confusion and obfuscation and some other negative effects for about 64% of professionals who use this medium.

The training course comes to explain the strategies and methods that should be followed on writing emails in a clear, effective and successful manner in both Arabic and English languages, identifies how to develop communication skills through e-mail and ensure understanding of the message, applying the e-mail components, explaining the methods of transforming the language from negative into a positive, and how to use the software and computer applications to improve efficiency in e-mail writing.

The practical side took the largest place in this course, by train the participants on the way of writing emails and how to use words and phrases that reflect the high professionalism of the sender.

For his part, Mr. Zaydoon Hatamleh – Manager of Continuing Education Center- said that the emails reflects the professionalism of the sender, and the aim of the course is to improve and develop the skills of writing an email, stressing on the desire of Al Ain University to provide training courses which allow the staff to develop their abilities and skills to enable them to have a productive performance which leads to achieve their personal goals and  university’s objectives with the highest possible efficiency.

Mr. Hatamleh has praised the efforts of the trainer Hazem Hussain in preparing an integrated  and sophisticated training packages in terms of content and training methodology which is based on systematic interaction between the trainees by using a set of training tools that have been configured for such courses and apply them within the specified time frame to make the trainee on the degree of professionalism.


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