About CEC

Continuing Education Center at Al Ain University, the largest University, supports the individual developmental needs of its community members. AAU with its organization partners in Emirate society supports the community’s needs, institutions and individuals, and is continuously working towards the advancement of their scientific and technical capabilities.

The Center of Continuing Education (CEC) identifies and meets the training needs of the public through specialized training programs, in addition to preparedness programs for professional and international certification, enabling the greater community to benefit from the expertise, experience and resources available at the University.  Our programs and training courses are offered in both Arabic and English, depending on the nature and context of the respective course.  Moreover, CEC offers five different language programs: General English, Business English and will be introducing e-learning courses in Arabic in the future.

Since its inception, CEC has collaborated with AAU academic departments to provide bespoke continuing education courses and training workshops. These training programs have gained the recognition of the community as reflected by the growing demand for more course offerings.