AAU organized a workshop entitled “Customer Service Skills”



In the context of the university's keenness to raise the level of professionalism of the staff, the Human Resources Unit at Al Ain University -Al Ain Campus- organized a three-day workshop entitled "Customer Service Skills" for the administrative staff in collaboration with the Continuing Education Center at Al Ain University -Abu Dhabi Campus, which was presented by trainer Hazem Hussein.

The workshop started with trainer Hazem’s introduction about customer service, and its definition as all transactions that made with the client, whether (before, during or after) the transaction or buying a product or service, it is an opportunity to attract customers and save them.

After that, he talked about the service provider in terms of the qualities that must be in the service provider, the needed skills to be a professional service provider notably: patience, communication skills, positive language, persuasion skills, and dealing with surprises, as well as the reasons which make the service bad, good or excellent service and the differences between them.

The second phase of the workshop included a talk about the Service Life Cycle, which can be divided into: welcoming, understanding the needs of the customer through: effective listening, using questions, how to deal with different personalities, advising and solutions, and finally the elements of closing and thanking the customer.

The third day contains a talk about how to deal with the angry client, the diplomatic way to say “NO”, so that they can follow one of the following ways such as: suggest a suitable alternatives, to postpone the answer until a you find a suitable reason for refusal, using typical methods to say "NO", and finally providing another solution even if it is less than what is required.

The end of the workshop has been conducted with practical applications and individual tests, as well as to develop a personal action plan.

This workshop aimed to improve the staff performance in customer service, develop their skills to understand the customer’s natural personnel and the ability to deal with their problems and how to solve them, As always, Al Ain University was keen to provide training courses for the staff to develop their abilities and skills which enable them to have an effective and fruitful performance which lead them to achieve their personal goals and objectives of the university with high efficiency.


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