Al Ain University organizes a workshop titled "Healthy Food"

Continuing Education Center for the Al Ain University organizes a workshop titled "Healthy Food"The Continuing Education Centre in cooperation with the General Requirements Department and the English Language Center at AAU, Abu Dhabi-based, organized a workshop entitled "Healthy Food". It was provided Ms. Siham Abdul Wahid Kora, course instructor of Science and Life. The workshop was attended by a number of faculty members from different faculties of the university.


The workshop included several topics in food categorizing, the primary sources of food totals, the usefulness of each food group in the body, the determining of the types of food through the food pyramid and the number of calories the body needs daily. The talk also included the metabolism and factors affecting them and how to better metabolism. And some diseases related to malnutrition and factors that contribute to high cholesterol and natural ways to lower blood cholesterol. 


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