Ten Signs to know if you are Information Literate


Consider yourself an information literate if:

1. You are able to determine appropriately your need to information, type of information you need, and how much information you need.

2. You know different methods involved in organizing and classifying information, characteristics and format of information.

3. You are able to identify relevant information sources for your information needs.

4. You are able to access the needed information effectively and efficiently by selecting appropriate information sources.  

5. You are able to use an appropriate search method, and construct effective search strategies to retrieve the needed information.


6. You are able to evaluate information and its sources critically by questioning the credibility of information sources, their contributions and point of views.  

7. You are able to verify and compare the gathered information against potential sources.

8. You are able to use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose or task.

9. You are able to use information with respect to ethical and legal rules and regulations pertaining to plagiarism, copyright, freedom of speech, privacy, intellectual property, and fair use.

10. You are able to communicate effectively the obtained information to others.  



Abdoulaye Kaba

Library Director