Strengthening the analysis and design skills of civil engineering

The College of Engineering organized the first “ETABS for Civil Engineers” Workshop, delivered by Eng. Esraa Hijah, to introduce ETABS to Civil Engineering students, as well as enhance their analysis and design skills through engineering software. ETABS is one of the most powerful analysis tools in the civil engineering and widely used among engineering companies all over the world.

Upon completing the four days of the workshop, students were able to identify multi story reinforced concrete buildings, understand and apply both gravity and lateral loads and interpret the results accordingly.  The workshop ended with a competition for the participants in order to raise the competitive spirit among them. Students were asked to analyze a multi-story residential building located in MBZ according to ASCE 7-16 minimum design loads and get the related results in a specified period. The winner of the competition was Haydi Salama who finished modeling and got all analysis results accurately within the specified time.

This workshop was an exciting experience for the students, and it came from the deep belief of the college in enhancing the academic experience of its students and preparing them for real work environment. 


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