A virtual lecture on the occasion of the “Flag Day”

The Deanship of Student Affairs, Abu Dhabi campus, in collaboration with the National Archives (A division of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs), organized a virtual lecture via Zoom, entitled; Raise it up .. Raise it High, on the occasion of the UAE Flag Day.

The lecture included a detailed explanation of the flag concept and its importance, as it embodies the meaning of; pride, achievement, peace and happiness. The lecturer reviewed the history of the flags development in the region, the story of the UAE flag and what are the specifications and standards adopted by the country to choose colors and shapes.

The lecture aimed to enhance loyalty and belonging, consolidate the national identity of students, and to introduce the younger generations the history of the UAE. The Flag Day initiative also reflects the culture of respect for the flag and the statement of its sanctity as a symbol of the state’s sovereignty and unity and its use as a symbol of the nation and belonging to it.


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