Enjoyable Times spent by AAU students at Abu Dhabi Desert


In shade of the nice atmosphere of the United Arab Emirates currently, the Deanship of Student Affairs at Al Ain University –Abu Dhabi Campus- organized a safari trip to Abu Dhabi desert in collaboration with Capital Gate Tourism. The students was accompanied by Dr. Iyad Abdulmajeed –Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Yousef Humaid –Deputy Dean of the College of Communication and Media- and Dr. Hussain Al Sarhan from the College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, where they went to a desert camp and practiced different activities in their safari trip, such as: sand dunes adventures, climbing the desert hills, ski on sands dunes, biking and riding camels.

At the end of the trip, the students and the professors took a souvenir photo.

This trip aims to break the daily routine in the students life  by creating entertainment atmosphere, in addition to the Deanship of Student Affairs and the university’s belief on the importance of integrating the academic aspects with entertainment to meet the student’s needs.



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