Duties and Responsibilities


In order to achieve its mission and accomplish its goals and objectives, the center is entrusted to perform activities including:

  • Encourage and involve students and graduates in entrepreneurial activities and motivate them to thinks of new and innovative ideas and start small businesses
  • Identify and initiate research studies in problems and aspirations of the local young men and women in setting up small businesses on innovative ideas
  • Provide incubation / basic infrastructure facilities to new start-ups
  • Encourage applied research projects of AAU faculty to be converted into products or services
  • Offer certificate programs to the students of AAU and other universities to help them develop entrepreneurial and innovation skills and make them think about creating jobs than looking for one.
  • Hold and invite experts from local and international organizations successful businessmen and women to share their experiences with the young and budding entrepreneurs.
  • Engage in consulting services to local government and private firms on issues related to entrepreneurship, innovation management, small business development, corporate social responsibility.