Al Ain University is now an authorized TOFEL ITP Test Venue in partnership with the AMIDEAST Institution 

What is TOEFL ITP?

The purpose of the TOEFL  ITP  is to evaluate the English proficiency of people whose native language is not English. AAU administers the test to students who are enrolled at Al Ain University and outside.

The ITP TOEFL test is given in a single session of about two and a half hours which includes the time required for test directions. The ITP test consists of three sections:

  1. Listening Comprehension which measures the ability to understand spoken English;
  2. Structure and Written Expression which measures the ability to recognize standard written English;
  3. Reading Comprehension which measures the ability to read and understand the non-technical material.
TOTAL TIME - 115 min. (approximately)
Section1 listening 30-40 minutes
Section2 Structure and Written 25 minutes
Section 3 Reading 55 minutes

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  1. TOEFL registration can only be made at the Registration Unit.
  2. The test application form should be filled in properly with all the student’s contact details. The applicant’s name should be spelled exactly as it appears on the identification that you will bring on the test day. Unclear applications will be rejected by the ELC, and then the student has to obtain another test date from the Registration Office.
  3. Applicants should bring their application form and paid receipt along with an AAU ID card, for AAU students, or any government-issued identification; a passport, a National ID, or a driver’s license are all acceptable (it must contain a recent photo and signature).
  4. Students should arrive 30 minutes ahead of time for the test. The admission to the test hall will cease 10 minutes before the actual test time. Candidates are not permitted to enter the test hall after the doors are closed. There are no scheduled breaks during the TOEFL‐ITP exam. Breaks are not allowed for any reason (e.g. fetching water, visits to the washroom etc.)
  5. If a student is not able to attend the test for any reason, then the fees are refundable within a two-month period, or another test date can be obtained. In case the student does not attend the second assigned test, then the student is not eligible for the test and the original application will be canceled by the ELC.
  6. If an examinee is found cheating or commits any other misconduct, his/her exam will be canceled immediately, without warning.
  7. The TOEFL‐ITP results are published within one week after the day of the test. The results are posted on the ELC announcement board at English Language Center. The results are also provided over the phone to the candidates.
  8. TOEFL‐ITP score reports are valid for 2 years. Expired scores are not accepted for AAU admissions.


Test Fees

735 AED



For registration, please visit the English Language Center or Call 037024933